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Exterior Painting

It is recommended that you paint your home every 7-10 years. The Texas sun can be extremely detrimental to the paint on your exterior surfaces. Being proactive can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, because good quality and lasting paint ensures the safety of the wood underneath. We follow strategic steps that ensures you'll be protected for years to come when we begin the process of painting your home. 

Step 1: We will pressure wash all surfaces with Trisodium Phosphate. (Doors and windows will be cleaned by hand.)

Step 2: After all surfaces have been pressure washed, we will inspect for rotten wood. (We will document and notify you of any areas.) 

Step 3: As a courtesy, boards that appear to be loose will be re-secured back to the home.

Step 4: Next we will scrape and lightly sand any peeling areas with a purdy tool.

Step 5: In preparation to paint & prime, we will mask off the brick, windows, roof, landscaping and HVAC unit. (Pool if necessary)

Step 6: We will begin to prime all of the rusted spots, untreated wood and water stained areas.

Step 7: Then we will re-seal all seams and joints with a premium high grade caulk.

Step 8: Finally, we will paint all surfaces specified on the agreement with the desired paint that you choose.

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