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Red Falcon Pros Signature Roofing System

Many residential roofing contractors will steer their customers toward the type of roof they're most familiar with, or the brand of roofing materials they're getting the best deal on. Which one of those scenarios puts you first? We use the best roofing system on the market today because that's what you deserve. If you have another preference we can make it happen.

Step 1: We will inspect the attic to make sure the AC lines are removed from the decking so they are not punctured during the process.

Step 2: We will cover the landscaping, 

HVAC system and pool with a breathable mesh. 

Step 3: We will remove all shingles and underlayment. (Stripping everything down to the decking.)

Step 4: We will install your customized premium roofing system as specified on the agreement. 

Step 5: Water barrier protection around penetrating areas - boot jacks, turbines, chimney, sky-lites and etc - comes standard with our customized roofing system.

Step 6: Different protection and 

grades of underlayment and shingles will be chosen by the homeowner. (We pride ourselves on putting the choice in your hands.)

Step 7: We will take our time cleaning up to ensure most nails are swept with an adjustment magnet. (depending on the size 10-50K nails may come off, please be kind of the fact we might miss a few.)

Step 8: Last, we will inspect the roof 

and walk the yard with you for 

complete satisfaction.

Owens Corning Duration Shingle

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